Interior design is an important element in new construction, remodeling, and the finishing of existing spaces. Angie Schwab Interiors tailors our design service to accommodate each client's unique objective. Whether your preferred style is modern, farmhouse, traditional, or somewhere in between, we want your interiors to represent you!



Space and Furniture Planning

Planning multiple rooms in a new home, moving walls for a home remodel, and laying out furniture in an existing room. We are trained to see things three-dimensionally.


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Material Selection

Flooring, cabinets, countertops, furniture, and more! We narrow down the options and coordinate the selections to achieve a cohesive look for your home.



Kitchen and Bath Design

Unlike designers that only offer kitchen and bath design, our design service is more comprehensive. This is so important for open-concept homes and master suites.

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Paint Color Consultation

With so many choices, we help narrow down your options and then explain the effects of each color choice before the paint goes on.



From conceptual ideas to specific interior design plans, we tailor our visual presentations to each project depending on the goals we’re trying to achieve. Below are some examples of the various images and plans we have created for past clients. Not only are the plans and images essential for implementing the design, but they evoke enthusiasm, delight, and confidence from our clients. We can’t wait to show you yours!


New Construction

First, we can help develop the space plan ensuring your functional needs are met. We can also work with your existing plan. Next, we help you select the lighting, plumbing, tile, cabinetry, wallpaper, trim, and accessories. We build images like the one below to show how your selections coordinate and we look at samples of the materials together. Finally, we can show you this space in 3-D using the ACTUAL selections.


Your builder or architect provide 2-D building plans similar to this bathroom project we did.

1 AS main bath and hall.jpg

It is so hard for most people to “see” the 2-D plan in 3-D. Offering this image is an invaluable feature we offer. It also serves as a great way to communicate to the various tradespeople how the design plan should be implemented.


Not only do we create scaled detailed plans and elevations so that the contractors understand our recommend changes, but we modify photos of your home so that you can visualize our interior design suggestions. So many people can’t “see” how a 2-D plan will translate to their 3-D home. These images ensure confidence in your investment and build enthusiasm for the results

Existing Room

Our interior design service is so successful because we can take the actual photo of your home and insert our design suggestions. These "AFTER" or rendered photos include our suggestions - not the finished room. Our approach to delivering ideas is truly unique and so realistic. The image ensures confidence in your investment and builds enthusiasm for the results.