This is an abbreviated version of our full e-designs service.
Walls and Windows is intended for the design of one full wall or window in a room that needs art, accessories or window treatments.
It does not include large furniture selection. Your room must be close to completion but just missing that finishing touch.
If you are interested in having an entire room designed please visit our e-design page by clicking here.


You get us started.

Send us the details with payment.


We get creative.

We create your custom design.


We deliver the design.

Use the plan we provide to decorate.


Step one.

Click "Start My Project" to begin, fill out the form for an e-design of your wall or window, and send payment.



Step two.

After receiving your project information and payment, we will analyze your project and call or email with any questions during the design process. We will email you a Dropbox link where you can upload your "before" images along with measurements. It may be helpful to include a few additional photos of the surrounding room so we can get a feel for your style.

>> Click here to see "before" images with and without measurements.


In 12-15 business days you will receive:

  1. An invite to your private shared Pintrest folder for purchasing product


2. A realistic image of your wall or window area with recommended design elements in place



Step three.

Use the Pintrest board to purchase the recommended items for your wall. Read any comments regarding information about size and color and click on the image to link to the retailer's site. The image of your room serves as your "map" to placing the recommended items. If any of the information provided is not clear, please contact us with your questions.

If alterations or additional consultation is desired after delivery of your plan, we offer consulting by the hour.


Not finding what you need?

If your project seems different in scope, please send us the information and we will provide you with a quote based on our hourly rate.


How is e-design different than in home consultations?

It is less costly.  Meetings take time.  Allowing you to collect, gather, and submit your project information saves our designers time allowing us to charge less.

It is more streamlined.  Our in home service allows us to offer our team of contractors to implement your design.  Multiple design solutions are also typically provided without additional requests to our in home design clients and revisions based on client feedback is usual.

It is accessible.  Regardless of your location in the US, we can work with you as long as you have access to the web.  The products we specify are available to purchase online.      

What does it cost?

One Wall $225.00
One Wall + Additional Concept Board  $275.00